There's this guy that comes to our Starbucks somewhat frequently and sits there and draws people. Which seems cool, but kind of weird when he only draws young girls and then when he's done he walks up to them and stuffs it in their hands awkwardly, saying he doesn't do it for money and he just does what he loves. He makes me think he is very lonely. Also, kind of weird.

On that note, I drew at my Starbucks yesterday. This is what I ended up getting:

I will see if I maintain my goal to keep updating this thing or if I let it fall off the face of the universe. Only time will tell!


Skyers said...

I hope you keep updating, it has been awhile since I've since new work from yah. Just wanted to point out the Starbucks style text you added lol :P

. enchantma said...

i just got this image of you stuffing this in random people's hands and telling them you just do what you love.
these are awesome!!! <3

Ine said...

So this is when Zombie was born!! Wow. So many things happened from that date to now, huh? Congratulations Tess!

-A fan

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